Untold story of Pastor Iginla’s confession


The confession to adultery by popular Abuja-based pastor Joshua Iginla on Sunday came as a rude shock to many of his congregants and admirers.

The unusual news which spread like wildfire by Sunday afternoon was further validated by the release of the video clip of the confession.

Many have praised the courage of the Senior Pastor of the Champions Royal Assembly for daring all odds with the revelation concerning his marriage.

Iginla had provided a little about the salacious details of how his marriage got ruined by infidelity first by his wife, Yemisi Iginla, who he alleged brought to their matrimonial home an illegitimate child about seven years ago.

The cleric said he forgave his wife and accepted the unholy child as his but things got compounded when he also committed adultery by fathering a child of his own outside wedlock and hell was then let loose.

“We had serious battles here and there; family interventions and everything. We covered it. We would have not got to this point today if my wife had listened to me when we had the battle. I also went to have a child outside wedlock and then it became a battle in the family…” he said.

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Iginla told his congregation that his wife became livid and that has allegedly led to a nasty blackmail ring that has encircled him.

“This battle has become a big one which some men of God are taking advantage of, and sons who are under me, who are very bad, have fed on this battle,” Iginla said while revealing the details that had wrecked his marriage. “…

The battle is bad; it has pushed me to this point. I want the world to know; I want you to insult me. This battle didn’t start from Papa.

I am not sleeping and then children who don’t know my story are insulting me unnecessarily. I felt I wanted to end the struggle. I want it to be in the media; insult me.”

It was gathered that Pastor Iginla decided to hit the town with the sordid details of his adultery mess that has ruined his marriage after he arranged for his estranged wife to relocate to the United States to minimise the blowback and bought a house worth $1million (N360 million) to settle her, yet other members of the blackmail ring still torment the clergy and are, allegedly making spurious demands.

It was also gathered that Iginla’s confession to the adultery may not really put the whole mess to rest as envisaged.

Sources said the pastor renowned for his prophetic message and philanthropy might not be telling the whole truth about the saga.

It was gathered that Iginla must have been married to his baby mama as far back as October 2014 in a civil marriage.

The other woman, a wealthy South African named Stella Zimasa Ndamase Iginla is said to be pregnant with their second child. The first child is named Rhema. It’s also learnt that the estranged wife, Yemisi, is also not going to be quiet as she was said to be planning to tell the world her own side of the story.