Politicians, pastors paid me to implicate Apostle Suleman, says repentant Stephanie Otobo

Otobo Suleman

Miss Stephanie Otobo, who alleged fiery preacher, Apostle Johnson Suleman was having a serious affairs with her has recanted.

The accusation, she said, was influenced by powerful politicians and pastors who promised the move will enhance her career.

Otobo, in a confession video on the church Facebook page on Saturday morning, declared she was sponsored by “very strong and powerful politicians and pastors” to defame the popular preacher.

In the video, which has gone viral on social media, she said: “They paid me a lot of money,” wiping tears from her eyes.

Suleman’s wife, Lizzy, in turn addressed the congregation, asking them to forgive Otobo, after confession of her sins.

A commentary by the church in the video on the dramatic confession, said: “The only offense he committed was to have intervened in the numerous heinous crimes against the Church of Christ around the Nation and became a Voice for the Gospel.

“What followed was a well – doctored drama to attack the reputation of this Golden Voice and seemingly reduce the volume of his voice even as more evils were planned against the Church.

“After all the evil efforts, the secret agendas, the heavily funded set up and the unrelenting pursuits to snare an innocent man, they were futile.

“The master planner has finally vindicated his church and his servant.

“This is not only a victory for God’s Servant; it is a victory for the Body of Christ and The Church in Nigeria,” the post reads.

The saga has dragged on since Otobo made the accusation in February 2017 with Suleman denying being sexually involved in her on multiple times.

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He has filed a defamation suit against the actress in Lagos High Court, demanding for millions in compensation.

The dramatic turn-around is a massive booster for Suleman who has been in the eyes of the storm since the matter became a public issue.



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