Masquerades break head of seminarian


Tension has escalated in Nsukka, Enugu State, as a group of masquerades known as Oriokpa Nsukka seriously manhandled Lawrence Ezugwu, a senior seminarian from the Catholic Diocese of Nsukka, breaking his head, it can be reported.

The incident  took place on 29th March along Enugu road, Nsukka near Ugwuoye junction.

According to reports,  Ezugwu was leaving the premises of St. Theresa’s Cathedral, Nsukka when the group of  masquerades beat him up and  smashed his head with a big stone,  leaving him in his pool of blood.

Ezugwu lost consciousness and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital, Bishop Shanahan Hospital, Nsukka for quick medical attention.

According to news reports, when interviewed the victim said: “as I was waiting to know why the road was crowded, two masquerades came from behind me and started beating me mercilessly. As if that was not enough, before I knew what was happening, a heavy stone landed on my head. That was the extent I remembered until I regained consciousness in the hospital ”

Towncrieronline.Net learned that in September Desmond Ogbonna, a senior seminarian of the Catholic Diocese of Nsukka from Uda, Enugu also had his head broken by a group of Akatakpa masquerades in Orba, Udenu Local Government Council of Enugu State.

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