5 mistakes to stop making while reading the Bible


This can be done by avoiding these five mistakes:

1. You only read it to win arguments: The only time some people read the Word is when it’s time to argue about homosexuality and other controversial issues.  The Bible isn’t just ammunition to attack others, it is this amazing gift that enables us to know the Lord. Remember this the next time you open it.

2. You are using the wrong translation: There are too many people reading translations they don’t understand. There is no point reading something this valuable if you can’t understand it. For instance, it makes no sense to keep reading the King James Version if you are confused by the thou’s, thy’s, and yea’s. There are over hundreds of English translations of the Bible, find one that you can understand and stick to it.

3. You pick the parts you like and abandon the rest: Many of us a guilty of this. We find verses that we can use on Instagram and throw the rest out. This is simply wrong because the Bible was not made to be read out of context. Genesis to Revelation is all about the truth of Jesus which can and should never be taken out-of-context. Stop picking what parts to follow and make up your mind to let God’s entire Word guide you.

4. You read it occasionally: I know you are extremely busy but you can not afford to go without His Word. You need it not weekly, monthly or yearly, but daily. It is a mistake to wait until you get to church to read the Bible. Make time to study the Bible, preferably first thing in the morning.

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5. You read it mindlessly: Sometimes, bible study becomes something we do as to fulfill all righteousness. This should never be the case, we have to see it as a form of devotion. This can only be achieved once we are fully engaged while studying the Bible. I recommend replacing the you’s with I’s so that your mind is fully into what you are studying.